Online Diary beLLA ILla: June 2012

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Assalamualaikum ! :) Ewah ewah salsabiila oihhh , lama benar tak update belognya eh. EHEHEHE! Sorry , no idea. lepastu busy :| Sorry. Anyways , finally! *angkat piala* , eh bukan. Finally Alhamdulillah dapat update blog... Okay okaayyy... I know I should be punished for not blogging as often as I should. Each time I am doing something, or something funny/crazy/interesting happens, I think to myself "Man, I should so blog about this." But of course, when the time finally comes for me to blog (in other words, I have finally parked myself in front of my laptop), I have forgotten all those interesting experiences and I am not sure where to start. so..,i just to say sorry coz i'm really really busy with studies especially now i'm in science stream...when i thought that why spm's candidates in science stream cannot pass well in their exams.., i know the really need to work hard and harder to get well in the exam like me.....when i got my exam PPT result...Ya Allah very bad.....OH NO!!! BUT i just think one thing that i must study harder and harder and harder meanwhile BERDOA KPD ALLAR agr dipermudahkan i untuk mencari ilmu to get well in SPM 2013... BERBALIK kpd events...wahhh bukan maen masyukkk i' in form 4..,i really admit that memang meletihkan ....SEBABNYA i banyak sangat miss kelas until i got bad in exam PPT....HOW TERIBLE!!!ANYWAY I REALLY REALLY syukur..ALHAMDULILLAH takder subjek yang i fail..alhamdulillah...
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